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From the vibrant energy of France to the dynamic landscapes of Canada, Siné has charted a unique path as a self-taught Graphic Designer and an electrifying DJ. Landing in Canada in 2007, Siné's decade-plus journey in graphic design intertwines creativity and technology, bringing to life projects like Excuse My French 416 and KIF Radio.

A master of the Adobe Suite, Siné's expertise shines in Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, tools that have been instrumental in sculpting his artistic vision. His stint at Warner Music Canada not only honed these skills but also embedded him deeply in the industry he's passionate about.

But it's not just design where Siné's creativity flows. As Sound Curator, he's been curating rhythms since 2015, captivating audiences in Toronto's top venues and beyond – Montreal, Dakar, Conakry, and Geneva have all witnessed his musical flair. His role as the official DJ of the Excuse My French 416 parties cements his status in the Francophone African diaspora, known for energetic sets that blend a spectrum of sounds with a special love for Afrobeats.

Siné's musical journey has seen him holding residencies at notable GTA spots like Eighteen30, Scarlet, Stori Aperitivo Bar, and Come See Me, each venue a testament to his versatile and vibrant DJing prowess.

Welcome to the world of Siné, where graphic design meets the pulse of music, creating a symphony of visual and auditory experiences.

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