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The founders of KIF Radio, Siné “Sound Curator” Condé and Yannick “IMVNZI” Bicamumpaka, have navigated a vibrant journey before making their mark in the music industry. Their artistic inclinations are deeply rooted in family influences and early exposures to music, a common thread among many gifted artists.




Sound Curator's musical endeavors began in the familial setting, dancing with his sister to the tunes recorded by their father on VHS tapes. This early passion for performance evolved into exploring rap, as he recorded and performed in his native Annemasse (France), before eventually discovering his knack for DJing after moving to Toronto in 2013.

IMVNZI, whose name is pronounced Imanzi, has harbored a deep-seated love for music from a young age. Initially engaging with dance, he later ventured into songwriting and recording, which in turn led him to DJing. His diverse cultural background, coupled with a strong foundation in Hip-Hop, lends him a unique perspective in music curation.Both founders bring to the table not only their musical talents but also impressive academic backgrounds, with one holding an Engineering Degree in Telecommunication and the other boasting a Double Major in Health Sciences & Psychology, in addition to completing Teachers College. Their varied experiences underscore a shared belief in the value of patience and perseverance.

Driven by a mutual realization that music was essential to their well-being, Sound Curator and IMVNZI co-created KIF Radio in 2019. The podcast showcases their adeptness in discovering and sharing exceptional Afrobeats and R&B tunes, aimed at moving audiences and enriching souls. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, which necessitated a shift to virtual collaboration, they successfully continued to spotlight both local and international emerging talents in the Afrobeats and R&B scenes, featuring breakthrough artists like Zenesoul, THEHONESTGUY, Loti, Shah Frank, Jeune Lio, and Santino Le Saint, among others.


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